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24/7 Support

  • Book highest paying freight across the USA.

  • Complete Brokers' Setup Packet and Rate Confirmations.

  • Manage delivery schedules on your behalf

  • Planning pre-determined routes and accommodating route changes as needed.

  • Monitoring daily logs for errors or violations; working hours and equipment availability on your behalf

  • Follow completion of load

  • 24/7 Road side assistance support

  • Weather alerts provided if required.

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Financial Management

  • Generate invoices on your behalf

  • Invoice Brokers or Factoring Company on your behalf

  • Follow up on payments and collections on your behalf

  • Pre-check brokers and credit scores to reduce non-payments

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Fleet Expansion

  • Do you keep receiving more requests to serve customers than you can handle with your existing vehicles and drivers? Do numbers and data in general agree that it’s time grow? We assist with carrier and Fleet Business Development services. 

Truck and Warehouse


For independent owner-operators and small-to-midsized trucking companies, choosing whether to work with a dispatch service is an important decision.

Premier One Dispatch is about Reliability - the cornerstone of a strong business partnership. When it comes to Truck Dispatching, you need a reliable partner.


The Premier One Dispatch Team will monitor and coordinate the movements of your trucks and freight; maintain detailed freight records, activity logs, and financial documentation.


Our expert team ensures that drivers from any region and state get high-quality and best-paying loads.

Premier One Dispatch ​thanks you for the opportunity to support and grow your business. 





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